Christmas jumpers

Bethany, Bob, Imogen and Janice performed call changes conducted by Bethany this morning to call the faithful to morning service.

Sadly, the photographs didn’t come out well so we’re not able to show the trio of Christmas jumper clad beauties in all their glory. Maybe next year!

58 bells

At 5:30pm on Monday 27th April, the tenor was tolled 58 times to mark the passing of Michael Gordon Stammers, brother of Chawton ringer Bob Stammers. A recording was made and played at Mike’s funeral during a period of quiet reflection.

Fresh Sunday Ringing

This morning, winter dispelled by the snowdrops and daffodils, Bethany, Bob, Janet, Janice, Keith and Nigel rang call changes (four different conductors) as well as ringing both up and down in peal. What an excellent start to spring.

Tower Decision 2015

On 19th January, interested parties will gather in The Greyfriar at or before 7:30pm in order to discuss the following over some suitable libations:-

1930: Apologies – There won’t be any, we don’t care.

1931: Approval of 2014 AGM minutes – They will be, we don’t care.

1936: Future of band. To consider:

i. Continue as Chawton – Who knows? maybe, if there are at least four of us.

ii. Merge with Bentworth – We’ve pretty much done that already.

iii. Merge with Selborne – Selborne’s nearer than Bentworth.

iv. Disband – Again.


2011: Treasurer’s report – Have we got any money?

2016: 2015 subscriptions – to the guild, if only for insurance purposes.

2021: Wedding/Service cover arrangements – Who will we sub out to?

2036: Band development/publicity – If we’re going to carry on, a plan might help.

2100: Time for bed said Zebedee.

December Sunday morning

First Sunday of the month means ringing for service at Chawton. Today we (Bethany, Bob, Chris, Janet, Janice and Keith) rang call changes combined with ringing up and down in threes.

Tomorrow will see the first Chawton practice in preparation for a full range of ringing in Chawton and Bentworth throughout December.